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What is the World Arm Lifting Association.

Arm Lifting and Grip Sports as practiced in Europe and the USA  are  very similar, but there are some major differences in rules and ways of lifting (For example rather than the weight having to be lifted above a certain height as seen in most western rule grip sports instead in Arm Lifting the shoulders must just be straightened into a near horizontal position when the weight leaves the floor, which in my opinion better negates advantages in  height discrepancies between athletes).  The WAA wishes to promote all grip sports in a positive and constructive way.  Grip Sports will no doubt become a larger and larger sporting activity mainly due to its functional strength rewards which are so often missing in other strength exercise activities.  Arm Lifting aims to promote the growth of an individuals physical abilities, mental strength and spiritual happiness through sport.

 The World Arm Lifting Association was also set up to promote respects and good sportsmanship among all grip athletes and different grip sports organizations around the world.  Its president is "Strong Man" and martial arts expert Nikolay Vitkevich.

Nikolay is determined and passionate to promote Arm Sports throughout the world as a respectable, healthy strength sport that can also be of great use to people in their every day lives.  Nikolay also being a genuine expert in combat sports can attest to the real functional (both mental and physical) strength and fitness that can be attained through Arm Sports; especially as can be applied to the martial arts, combat sports, fighting skills and self defense.  Nikolay through the help of Denis Shmarev (the founder of SILARUKOV) arm lifting brand) have successfully started Arm Lifting in over 16 countries excluding Russia itself.  I have been very impressed with the style of Arm Lifting and can certainly say my arm strength has benefitted a great deal from this version of Grip Sports. It is never possible to say which is the best way to improve grip for as all  individuals are different but for me Arm Lifting has been beneficial..  Below is a picture of Denis Shmarev and the many kinds of handles and equipment used in Arm Sports.  Of course substitutes can always be used by making things yourself or improvising, but in my view items such as loading pins, pinch blocks, hub caps and rolling handles have been worth more than their weight in gold. 



The idea of Arm Lifting is to test the participants overall grip strength through a great variety of exercises although five  main events predominate.   The Hub Cap Lift, the Rolling Handle, The Pinch Block, The Hub Cap and the Horn and the Gripper.  There are a great many other exercises which include the destruction of objects with the hands and the bending of metal objects such as nails.

The Hub Cap Lift, which is an excellent test of pure isolated finger strength and what I feel is an extremely challenging and often a humbling lift.


 The Horn which tends to be more of an overall test of all aspects of grip strength.

The Pinch Block, tests finger pinching power and is an excellent determiner of hand and finger strength

 The Rolling Handle a massive test of forearm power

and the closure of a gripper which in my opinion (Doug Link) is the most accurate test of hand crushing power.

Assessing Arm Lifting Prowess.

Awards are based on certification for the individual lifts either as separate entities as listed above or for being able to lift certain  in  relation to size and gender or in the wining of medals when directly pitted against other competitors (in weight and gender classes or open weight if the competitor wishes),  There is also a form of what is known as Russia roulette where the pinch grip, rolling handle, Horn, Hub cap, and Gripper Close must all be completed within two minutes.  Completion of the Russian Roulette  is rewarded with a WAA strong hand certification (not an easy task to complete).  Additionally various certifications are awarded for the ability to close grippers of certain "weights" .  The WAA believes in giving everyone the potential to be successful regardless of genetic potential but never the less requiring great effort and dedication from the individual; therefore different weight classes and gender classes are now recognized.

I have been fortunate enough to have been given the authorization from the WAA to be a fully qualified Arm Lifting Referee and Coach and also the representative for the WAA in Taiwan R.O.C.  It s both a great pleasure and great responsibility to be the first person to officially bring the Russian strength Sport of Arm Lifting to Taiwan.

Web Master Douglas Link first authorized Arm Lifting Referee, Coach and spokesman for the World Arm Lifting Association in Taiwan.

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